Guaranteed Projected Out Date's


What is the NRCS Guaranteed Projected Out Date (POD)?

NRCS guarantees that the railcar cleaning, a cleaning certificate and disposition request will be provided within an agreed upon time or the Base Cleaning is Free.  NRCS has the ability to regulate and govern all items that have a direct impact on railcar timelines.  This control provides NRCS with the ability to offer an ironclad money back guarantee on the Base Clean if the guaranteed timeline is not met.

**NRCS's Guaranteed POD is void if there are mechanical issues with the railcars submitted for cleaning. **


When can NRCS clients expect to recieve a quote?

Once the railcar is spotted on its site, NRCS will provide a cost estimate including "before" pictures and a Guaranteed POD within two (2) business days.


How quickly can NRCS process railcars through its certified cleaning program?

Typically for a group of ten or fewer railcars, the Base Clean is three (3) business days and a half business day per inch of commodity for each individual railcar.  The time clock for the Guaranteed POD's turnaround time starts the day after the estimate is approved in writing and ends when NRCS sends the cleaning certificate with the "after" pictures.