Commodities We Clean

NRCS accepts virtually all types of railcars and we accept a very broad array of non-hazardous and hazardous products.

For a complete list of commodities we clean by STCC Description and STCC Code, click here Complete List of Commodities.  The pictures below are some of the most common commodities NRCS cleans.

Food Grade Products: NRCS cleans all food grade Oils, some examples are: Corn, Soybean, Canola, Peanut, and Palm.  All forms of Flour and crops such as Wheat, Barley, and Corn. Other food grade commodities such as Blackstrap Molasses and Sorghum.

 Oils      Wheat      Molasses


Herbicides, Pesticides and Fertilizers:   NRCS cleans Herbicides, Nitrogen Fertilizer solutions and pesticides with some restrictions. 

Herbicides      Pesticides      Fertilizers


Petroleum:  NRCS cleans petroleum based commodities including Used Oil, Asphalt, Gasoline and Ethanol.

Oil      Asphalt Oil      Ethanol


Sand and Soils:  Barite, Sand, and Cement are the 3 most common solid commodities NRCS cleans.

Barite     Sand     Cement